Juliane Verena Höhle

I’m a PhD student at Ghent University, researching learning in view of sustainability transitions in the LESTRA project. Prior to that, I studied sustainable development in Uppsala, Sweden and environmental management in Cottbus, Germany.

My latest publication

Here is my latest paper published in Environmental Education Research in which we propose three practical tools for educators to use when teaching about climate change to avoid denial, apathy, and despair but also to allow for a more open and democratic view of the future. And here is my graphic summary of the paper and a bit of the story behind it.

The graphic recordings

I started in 2021 to make graphic recordings of online talks and presentations I attended. You can find them sorted according to topic, seminar series, institution, and type on this page. With the recordings, I aim to make knowledge more broadly available and accessible to broader audiences.

The LESTRA project

The ERC-funded LESTRA project is concerned with finding out how learning processes can contribute to sustainability transitions. We build on transactional learning theory to find out which key conditions need to be fulfilled for learning and habit change to occur within three case studies in Belgium and the EU more broadly.